Chan and Platt Resurface For Wedding Crashers 2

James Edward Sharp


Hollywood, CA – Two former pastors are making waves again but this time it won’t be on the conference circuit. Rumors are adrift in the LA community that David Platt and Francis Chan will be co-starring in a Wedding Crashers sequel.

With the recent success of Zoolander 2, box offices are anticipating a blowout. Departing from the comedy of the original, Wedding Crashers 2 will be a documentary. Platt and Chan will crash weddings by sending the congregants to the nations. Rarely do sequels changed genres but this a game changer in every respect.

Unsuspecting wedding goers and fiances will be so impacted, they will have no option but to leave immediately to an airport to head for unreached people groups. Unfortunately, early reports have surfaced of couples leaving each at the altar. These couples were expecting a short and sweet ceremony.

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