By the Mighty Mumford

Let me tell you a story

‘Bout a tail track just so long,

That’ll fit the longest steamer

That wants to run around…

But a two or three unit train

Is frankly out of luck,

The tail track isn’t long enough

To in all of them tuck!

There is a giant mirror

Glued to bare cardboard stock,

If any engine runs too far

They’re in for a shock…

They’l break through the cardboard

Beginning a long fall,

The owner might have a heart attack

But no one’s hurt at all,,,

The engine owner is in shock

But no one’s hurt (?) at all!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Cuomo unveils scoping report, website for LIRR expansion


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo late last week released a draft environmental impact scoping report for a proposed expansion of MTA Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).

MTA Long Island Rail Road’s Mineola station on the Main Line
Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The document outlines options for modifying grade crossings as part of the project, which calls for adding a third track along 9.8 miles of the railroad’s Main Line between Floral Park and Hicksville. To ease local traffic congestion, construction work at the crossings would take place on an expedited timetable, with each project expected to wrap up in nine months or less, LIRR officials said in a press release.

“A third track on the main line is crucial to the future of Long Island,” said Cuomo in the release. “This project will make the LIRR more reliable for millions of customers, while also eliminating multiple dangerous train crossings along…

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A directory of wonderful things

Are you always glued to your phone? Are you one of those people who snapchat/instagram, whenever they get ready or go out?
Do you feel the urge to tweet your thoughts?
Are you one of those who posts their zillion pictures on Facebook on every special occasion?

If yes, do read this post.

We wake up, get ready for work/studies, curse our jobs/homework (well most of us do), hate the traffic on our way home, go out for a little while and come back again to sleep. That excitement for Fridays, that hatred for Mondays. Well, we do get weekends to live. To party hard on a Saturday night, to sleep for ten hours on Sunday.
Doesn’t it describe most of our lives?
So what we need the most is a DISTRACTION.
That distraction is SOCIAL MEDIA.

Some of us post a part of their life, some goes overboard and…

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