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Micki Allen

This film is responsible for a generation of girls from the 90s experimenting with witchcraft and forming their own covens in order to levitate each other during sleepover parties. The Craft (1996, dir. Andrew Fleming) is one of those films that is so 1990s that it almost works as a time travelling device back to […]

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Kansas City Southern to invest $20 million on main line projects


Kansas City Southern Railway Co. (KCSR) will spend $20 million on construction and improvement projects on its main line from Kansas through Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and northwest Louisiana, the railroad announced yesterday.

The projects include replacement of 6 miles of rail and 92,400 cross ties, as well as improvements to more than 100 grade crossings. Work will begin April 19 and end in mid-June, according to a KCSR press release.

The line segment represents a key component of Kansas City Southern’s (KCS) network, railroad officials said. KCSR is the principal U.S. subsidiary of KCS.

Rail improvements are planned between Heavener, Okla., and Blanchard, La., beginning and completing in June. Communities that KCSR will work through include Page, Okla.; Mena, Cove, Vandervoort, Gillham and De Queen, Ark.; and Blanchard, La.

“KCS, through its U.S. and Mexican subsidiaries, continues to invest in capital projects to expand network capacity, keep maintenance in a…

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WFNS Competition Review of My Debut YA Fantasy Novel!

Julia Satu

I’m flying a little high right now.

I submitted my debut young adult fantasy novel to the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia for their Atlantic Writing Competition for Unpublished Manuscripts at the beginning of January. Don’t get too excited for me. I didn’t win or anything and I don’t expect to. They have announced the shortlist for all of the categories except the young adult competition (not enough applicants). The winners, including the one for the young adult category, will be announced in May.

One of the reasons I entered was because they provide an assessment of your writing based on the first 80 pages of your work.

The person who assessed my writing found plenty of things that I need to fix, which were not a surprise since I’ve had similar comments from my critiquers on Scribophile. (You can read about my amazing experience on that site here.)…

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Clock Moves And Rockets…

Pmespeak's Blog

St. Charles_167 (2)

‘Back To You’

“This crazy world will keep on spinning—Clocks will keep on ticking ’till it’s time to watch it burn—Right from the very beginning—We’ve been celebrating past the point of no return—To the sounds that come when lonely planet’s—Gently falling in and out of time—But clouds of dust have broken into atoms—Brings a chill directly down my spine—Every legend I create—Every move I ever make—Every action and reaction in my life—Every moment I’m awake—Every chance I’ll ever take—Every dream and every sparkle in my eye—Every second of my waking hours—And everything I ever say or do—Beats me with or what’s within my powers—Directly home and always back to you—Always back to you—Back to you—Friends of young and often talking—Tripping out and walking—Roads that never seem to end—Like stars that sparkle in the morning—Come without a warning—Miracles are heaven-sent—From way up high like rain or even rockets—Exploding in a light…

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