Who is Liberated in the West ?

Shake Your Conscience !


It is time to stop talking about women because the ones who have been liberated in the west do not wear dresses. If there is anyone who has won points from the women’s liberation movements, it certainly has got to be men. At every turn he leaps ahead, is promoted, is listened to in the workplace, and is catered to inside and outside of marriage, not only by the legal Justice System and Government politics, but also by the women of society.


Feminists try to copy him, and this must make him feel even more superior. He has enjoyed up until now the best of both the worlds. Certainly, the western lives in a “man’s world” that has been described by some as a paradise for men.


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Being Honorable

Windmills of My Mind


No woman knows another woman. She hopes that the other is an honorable one

It is almost a year, just days away from those days when my winds of change were know to me! Those foul winds that take time to wash the stench away from your nostrils and your body.

The woman that blew those winds, sleeps with no conscience. I applaud her, she’s the type that lies to herself even swhen she knows truth stares her in the face.

But I’m not here to discuss that day, nor last year, I’m here to rejoice the change that brought about.
Today I know that it was my destiny and I was following it, I just needed a little push and that woman was the instrument of my Karma.

METANOIA was my karma
(n) the journey of changing of one’s mind, heart, self or way of life. She was…

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