Contrast ! / The painful Reality.


Recently an old wise Arab was asked.

” What is the difference between the Westerners and the Arabs ? ”

After taking a deep breath, he said.” The Westerners are not geniuses ,

And the Arabs are not ignorant .The only difference between them,

The Westerners encourage and support the failure to succeed  and excel,

While the Arabs fight the successful to fail and to be diminished .”

(( This is why There is nothing can unite the Arab nation.No religion ,

No Language,No History No Culture, No Nationality.The Arabs  will remain divided for ever.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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Keep Tri-Rail on track all the way to downtown Miami


A transportation link crucial to easing South Florida’s gridlock is in danger of being derailed if the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority — the powerful, but little-known entity that runs Tri-Rail — fails to approve important agreements and give the project its final green light. Needless to say, too stall such an important project would be shortsighted.

In jeopardy is the highly anticipated public/private $48.5 million project to extend the southern route of Tri-Rail’s commuter trains from their final stop in Hialeah to a platform in downtown Miami. They would glide into All Aboard Florida’s Miami Central Station, where commuters could connect with trains and travel, car-free, between Jupiter and downtown Miami.

County officials told the Editorial Board that the project — brought to life two years ago by an impressive coalition of elected officials, among them Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, transportation honchos and community leaders responding to public outcry…

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The importance of practising self-care

Dearest Someone,

Practising self-care is weirdly difficult – if you’re anything like me.

For me self-care seems to be the last thing on my to-do list, most of the time that is; there are of course times where naturally I do look after myself. When I first started counselling two years ago I used to panic and get incredibly worked up by the fact that I couldn’t, and didn’t know how to relax. I can actually remember crying at the fact that when I should be relaxing I was instead full of anxiety, stress and self-hate. Slowly I begun allowing myself to practise self-care, in fact, blogging for Dearest Someone, helped me a great deal. Every Sunday I named #SelfCareSunday and I made sure I practised some sort of self-care each week. Whether that was by eating well, going for a walk, paying attention to my thoughts and feelings, reflecting on the…

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