WPCh: Face. The Broken man.

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Face Broken man

There are hints of a past life, a possibly known identity for the Broken man. However, pretty much everything here is speculative in nature. We are mere observers.

The Broken man carries a briefcase of unknown content. Perhaps the answer is within.
His face reveals much more than suffering. Anyway his eyes forward thinking, tells us that he does not want to desist in his efforts, despite his precarius situation…

This is my contribution to this Week Photo Challenge: Face

Face Broken man. Complete body (?!)

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Thanks to All who came Aboard!

No Facilities

Northeast Regional That’s my train, the Northeast Regional crossing the CT River about 6:00 am

Yesterday was National Train Day. I mentioned in my post, that several of my writing friends were indulging my obsession with trains by joining me with posts on their blogs. I shared an early post by Sharukh and an early post by Mary, Mary added a second post about a train station brew pub (beer fountain anyone?) and then Mary cajoled Joanne into joining us with a story about Canadian trains and some wonderful photos of trains in the snow.

During the day, and after I was tucked in for the night, a few more friends joined as they had promised they would. I promised that I would mention their posts, so here we go. Sharukh, a bona fide train nut and travel enthusiast, brought us a post about five grand luxury trains in India

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