The Day I Met You

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The Day I Met You

When I first heard
your sweet voice
I realized that we
were meant to be

When I first felt
your touch I knew
nothing would ever
be the same again

When your sweet
lips caressed mine
I discovered I never
had been kissed before

now, your undying
love always reminds
me I wasn’t born ‘til
the day I met you

Had to return to my roots.

Photo of Allie (2010)  married but living apart, waiting for the Immgration processing of our paper work. She sent me this pic via email to cheer me up.

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Intermission (10) – Buddies in war

Pacific Paratrooper

GI Jenny, the burro mascot of the Army in North Africa, with Cpl. William Wende & Pito, 1943 GI Jenny, the burro mascot of the Army in North Africa, with Cpl. William Wende & Pito, 1943

We couldn’t allow the Intermission period to pass without a post about the animals.  Many have already seen my post about Marine Dog Lucca and the 9/11 work dogs, so here is another……

When waging war against each other, human armies often enlist the aid of the animal kingdom. In past conflicts, horses, elephants, and camels hauled men and supplies; pigeons carried messages; dogs tracked enemies and protected troops. Their efforts helped to turn battles—and the fortunes of many a combat soldier.

Tim - was the mascot of the Australian Army 2/2nd Battalion Tim – was the mascot of the Australian Army 2/2nd Battalion

Carrying on this tradition, U.S. forces employed thousands of animals during World War II. They could be found in every theater of the war: They were workers and warriors; they were soldiers’ comrades-in-arms and companions in battle. Their widespread…

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Brightline’s Fort Lauderdale train station about to rise


The fast, modernistic Brightline passenger rail line is moving closer to its goal of starting service next year.

A ceremonial cement-pouring took place Friday at the train station rising northwest of downtown Fort Lauderdale. The rail service is engaged in construction work along the 67-mile initial route connecting Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, with stations rising in all three cities.

The first train, consisting of two locomotives and four cars, will be delivered this fall. It will be a frequent sight on the Florida East Coast rail line in Palm Beach County from West Palm Beach south, as the company uses it for testing and training.

On Friday, public officials carved their names in the cement poured for the first of the towering, 140,000-pound V-shaped columns that will frame the Fort Lauderdale station, a 60,000-square-foot structure going up north of Broward Boulevard and west of the central bus…

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To Those Who Have Touched My Twenty-One Years of Life But Are No Longer A Part Of It

Brianna Woodward

To those who have touched my twenty-one years of life but are no longer a part of it,

I hope all is well with you. It’s been a while. It could be a month or two. Or maybe over a decade. Either way, hello.

I turned twenty-one this past January. Crazy, I know. I hope you’ve had beautiful birthdays since the last time we’ve spoken. And I hope the years between those birthdays have been beautiful too.

I’m a lot different since I last saw you. I’m learning more about myself every single day. Sometimes it feels like I’m backtracking, or like I don’t know myself at all. But I can’t even say I’m the same person I was a month ago. So I’ve realized it’s okay to get confused by myself every once in a while.

I wanted to write to you for a lot of reasons. To say…

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