The Last Day Of Hot Type At The NY Times.

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Here’s a film of the last day of using linotype machines at the NY Times.

It’s interesting to see the two stage process for manufacturing the Times printing plates in 1978.  At the time the Times was probably the largest newspaper in the world.  It was also beset by the ongoing woes of NYC.  In any case, the ongoing evolution of technology has made everything in this film, including the new typeset system at the end, obsolete and long gone.

Here’s another post I did about linotype machines.

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Travels in Spain – Postcards from Andalucía

Have Bag, Will Travel

Andalusia Postcard“We are in the Spanish south.  The castanets click from coast to coast, the cicada hum through the night, the air is heavy with jasmine and orange blossom… the girls have dark eyes and black hair”  –  Jan Morris, ‘Spain’

After two years I have returned to my travels in Spain, this time to Andalucía where there is no Don Quixote of Castilla-La Mancha or El Cid of Castilla y Leon because this is the land of Don Juan, Carmen and famous bull-fighters!

I will tell you  soon about my visit to Ronda, Antequera, Cordoba and Granada…

Andalusia Postcard 2Ronda Postcard

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