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This is a Haiku I am writing which I never new before coming to the Blog world. I see and read of few bloggers who write Haiku, it was interesting to me, to know this style of Japanese poetry writing; it seems it consists of three lines only and the first line being of 5 syllables, second line of 7 syllables and again the third line of 5 syllables. This information I am giving to those who do not know about this form of poetry writing.

 I am humble to say that the title I have used is a Japanese word now popularly used in English and other languages of the world since the 19th century.

These particular lines made me to write when I meet or have met so many people in this world who are on the verge…

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We are changing the world.


Target, another one of the country’s largest retailers, just followed Walmart’s lead by raising wages to $10 an hour. According to Reuters:

“Target Corp has started raising employee wages to a minimum of $10 an hour, its second hike in a year, pressured by a competitive job market and labor groups calling for higher wages at retail chains, sources said.  …The $1-per-hour raise marks the second time Target has followed Wal-Mart Stores Inc in raising base wages.”

Thanks to all of us, hundreds of thousands of Target workers will now have more money in their pockets to take care of their families.

We showed that we could move the largest company in the world to raise wages when no one else thought we could. It showed that anything is possible if we stand…

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Spread love not hate

The innocent smiles etched on those faces

brings the sunshine behind any gloomy clouds

Though I came to teach you, 

You have taught me so much that i could’ve only dreamt of

A turmoil of emotions before each class ends

but you make every lesson a worthwhile time spent 

From the ruckus you make to the innocent blunder you commit

You make the volunteers reminisce after each week

My sunday mornings are going to be a blank canvas till I see you next ..

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