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Hello, dears 🙂

It´s February. For those beginners who have survived their first month in the gym: CONGRATS!!!

I´ve visited some gyms last month with my 60kg body, sleeveless and shorts 🙂

I appreciated the gym junkie´s glances while they were doing… well, I don´t know really what they were doing, and they didn´t pay me to correct them 😀

To all the regular gym users/complainers about beginners: be kind. It´s your choice!

I want to be kind, and I am if you deserve it. In the other hand, I understand that high levels of testosterone or pre-workouts can affect your mood. It´s their problem, not mine.

My dear beginners, let´s rule the gym with a powerful thought: I´M THE SEXIEST!sensation

One hour of good vibes… the world is plenty of testosterone 🙂

My dear beginners, this month let´s melt down those bodybuilders. You only need one happy though, one powerful idea:…

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