How to Turn Down an Office Romance


3 days into Valentine’s Day, it is naturally that lonely hearts of the office bond together. What if you prefer to be single or alone on Valentine’s Day? What if you really want to avoid office dating? What if you don’t want to give the wrong idea to the colleague who is asking you? And what if the person who is asking you, is your boss?

As a female working in the male-dominated IT industry, I often have to hop, duck, swerve and even blindly pretend to be ignorant of the cupid’s feeble attempt at shooting arrows. It can happen to anyone in an office environment. Young or Old, Female or Male, Attached or Single. Let me share ways to appropriately turn down an office romance.

Please don’t be insensitive to the person who ask. You can turn him or her down nicely and quietly. It would be nice…

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The Arts Mechanical

China puts a probe on the moon.

NASA puts ALL the Apollo moon pics online.

Apollo 15 - Jim Irwin at the LRV

Real cool stuff here.

What’s coming for future IC engines?  The ASME is on it.

Is that a laptop carved on that stele?

Almost certainly not.  More than likely it’s a wax tablet that the woman is looking at after the slave girl wrote something on it.  Still it’s fun to imagine.

Somehow I don’t think that mile high skyscrapers in Japan are a real good idea.

Especially out in the bay.

How they make Pocky

From Rocket 24.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Pocky is made in this short clip of the Glico factory 【Video】

If you watch the video you will notice that they skip an important step, dipping the pretzels in the chocolate. Must be a trade secret.

New construction method.

From these people.

Dave tears down…

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Maybelline Luscious Lash Sensational Matte Black Packaging Review + Lash Wand Photos


Hey everyone! Yes – I have so many great products to share with you!I recently picked up the new Maybelline’s Luscious Lash Sensational mascara. Honest be it – I was intrigued by the all matte black packaging. If you know me by now, packaging makes my eyes go gaga! In this post you will be seeing some photos and how I think they compare to Maybelline’s original Lash Sensational.

Product details from the Maybelline website:

  • Reveal layers of softer, denser lashes
  • Unique mascara formula is blended with precious oils
  • Removes easily with soap and water
  • The Fanning Reservoir Brush envelops lashes with precious oil-infused formula from root-to-tip while fanning out lashes
  • Retails for $8.99
  • You can clickherefor more info
    Matte packaging with signature pink embossing

You can see the matte feel in this photo better. It is the same product design as the first (all pink) Lash Sensational…

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