Dear Hateful Baby Momma

I Ruin Joy

Dear Hateful Baby MommaWhat can I say, I’ve watched you for years.

I’ve watched you come up with various reasons to keep your children away from their father. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it on Facebook and at Christmas, it truly hurts me.

I’ve watched you do this a hundred times. To you, he’s a bad father, why is that? His children didn’t think he was a bad father. His children just loved their daddy, they just did.

Why are men only bad fathers when they aren’t with the mother anymore?

If you’re guilty of keeping your kids away from their dad, ask yourself this; are you doing it because of something he did to them? Or something he did to you?

Look in the mirror as you’re asking yourself this if you can. Oh, you can? Ok, now imagine you have to justify it to ten bikers.

Call him, call him right…

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