Blueberry: The Story of Our New Name.

The Lemonade Chronicles

Greetings! I thought I’d update our blog to share some exciting news. As of today, your friends and neighbors at Groovice have a new name: Blueberry! Why change our name, you ask? Well, who doesn’t love blueberries? Our real reasons actually run much deeper. We are on a mission to build a network for neighbors […]

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The Wise Old Owl

The Wise Old Owl

 Perched on the tree






Others loved the chatter

The hare, the deer

The badgers, the squirrels

All seeing themselves as superior to the others


All want to be heard 

All want to be seen


But the owl

the wise old owl

perched quietly on the branch

Watched and Listened


As they argued

Who was the best, the smartest

Who should be the leader


The wise old old was silent

Not for lack of opinion or thought

He in fact had many ideas

Many thoughts and observations about the world


But now was not the time 

there was still so much learning to do

still so much observing to do

As he watched the world move

in all its faults and glory


He did not feel the need to babble ideas

If he had not seen…

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A Day At the Races: Snow Cruise

Wide Awake But Dreaming

The word is out that I don’t have work again today, but that won’t keep me inside, for I’ll likely head into the office for a few hours.  Got to, my pretties, for no play, no pay, as they say.  But I’ll be able to write tomorrow–I mean, there was a lot yesterday . . .

Though I didn’t expect to keep at it as much as I did, by the time I called it quits last night I’d put twelve hundred and fifty-two words into the story bank, and that’s quite a bit.  It was slow because trying to take these images in your head and make them into strings of words that make is a hard job, and right around eight PM–or, as my kids would say, twenty hours–I twisted my face into a thoughtful grimace and said, “Hey, I forgot to eat dinner.”  So I made some egg rolls and…

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