This Love – A Collaboration with Kricket’s Ramblings

DoubleU = W

I teamed up recently with Kricket’s Ramblings on a collaboration. The result is a poem called “This Love.”

When we began, we decided on turning this collaboration into a debate on whether love itself is a real “thing” or simply some chemical reaction. It turned into a poetic conversation/debate that could have carried on even longer than it did. In the end, I’m very happy with how Kricket and I were able to create not only a disagreement but a conversation within our (as we referred to it) concocted-collab. Sure, we may have gotten a bit long-winded but the debate required that we do enough back and forth that we could thoroughly debate the topic. Hope you enjoy!

Click here to read “This Love.”


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Spring Bloomers 😍


Hello ladies

Hope you are all okayyy! Daffodils are blooming in the UK!! It only means one thing, spring is round the corner .. Here I am today bringing you some spring bloomers with a pop of color!

To me Spring is all about adding a pop of color to both makeup and accesories to slowly beat the winter blues.. The whole process helps me get through Spring and enter amazing UK south east summer!!! Where the days are long and sunny and I literally lock my coat away 😀

1. Glowy foundations – Rimmel and L’Oreal

2. Natural collection bronzer – a very neutral and shimmery bronzer

3.Sleek Pumpkin and Sahara -to add  pop of color to your cheeks ( great eye shadows too)

4.  Mua copper – for a burnt bronzy eyeshadow look

(Bronzer, mua-copper,sleek – sahara and pumpkin palette )

5. Volume million lashes mascara-for Long and…

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Down The Old Street….(Where My heart Still Escapes)



The moment I had done learning my Alphabets, I immediately took to story books with lucrative illustrations. As a child, my mom used to send me off to the nearest store so that I could read through Stories, as we were not financially well-off and couldn’t afford to buy many of those books. The Book Store owner was a very old man, and a warm heart too, he let me flip through pages of any and every book. I sat there the whole day, and went through as many books as possible, that too just at the cost of Re.1 per hour, that was the rate applied to people not buying but just reading through books.

Now, We are very much stable, and I write books myself, but still my heart wanders through that old street, where the Old Book store now lies, all silent to itself, cobwebs at nooks…

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Fragments Of Me

The Lonely Author


When we were young our lives consisted of questions.

The questions we needed answered. The hundreds of questions our parents and teachers asked.

But a ten year old was never meant to have all the answers.

My classmates attended the big party. Stupid me promised to dance with every girl. Boys stood on one side, girls on the other.

My friends taunted me. “Go dance.”

With wobbly knees and sweaty forehead, I tried to look cool.

Then I spotted Lisa Big Boobies Barelli. Oh my, she could fill up a B-cup like no other girl in school.

Ever since kindergarten when she first smiled at me, I knew the other girls didn’t compare. Lisa had all her teeth.

From across the room I admired her.

Who cares if she had rounder cheeks than the other girls?

Lisa had something the skinny girls didn’t have.

She had curves.

Deep breath…..I broke the…

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Did The Sad Puppies Screw Up Game Of Thrones

The Arts Mechanical

Short answer, no.  George RR Martin carries the entire blame for not being able to meet his deadlines all by himself.

That being said, he did write about a book’s worth of nonsense about his precious Hugos, the same award he the proceeded to piss all over with his hood ornaments.   Maybe he owes his fans, who ultimately pay his bills, an apology.

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