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Mermaid  LadyThis  is  a  lady  at  the  Spruce  Forest  Artisan  Village  in  Grantsville,  Maryland.  She  spends  her  time  here  making  mermaids.  She  has  a  tattoo  of  a  mermaid  on  her  foot.

Mermaid  TattooThis  is  her  mermaid  tattoo.  She  displays  it  proudly.

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Know Your Craft: Barleywine, another cold weather companion


My last column highlighted the “chicken-soup effect” a Russian Imperial Stout can have on a bleak winter day.

Another favorite — and potentially mood enhancing — cold weather go-to is the barleywine. Not actually a wine, it takes its name from being a strong beer with wine-like gravity (i.e. alcohol content).

This beer is another great sipper, and its big hop character combined with a deep, amber-red-brown maltiness can brighten up almost any dark day.

Generally between 8 to 12 percent ABV for a nice impression of warmth, it also has big malt sweetness balanced by moderate to heavy hoppiness.

Similar to, yet stronger than, an Old Ale, the barleywine is another English style represented by many great versions on each side of the Atlantic.

According to Dave Carpenter of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine, an English barleywine “exhibits a chewy, complex malt body that evokes plums and toffee and…

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