How to Prep for a Business Trip in 10 Ways 

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

During this month I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for work. It was kind of nerve racking at first. As most of you know, I struggle with becoming an adult. Part of me felt like 25 was too young to have all the professional accessories that you see business people traveling with. I’ve got nothing! So as I began my travels, I immediately ransacked my room and closet for my most “grown up” things to take with me.

There was actually a lot to think about in preparation for these daily trips! Most of them were just day trips, but I’ve got a couple overnighters coming up in the near future too, so I want to make sure I’m extra prepared for those too!

1. Consider your transportation

Are we flying? Driving? Carpooling? How are we getting there, how long will the travel time be, do we know where…

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Bloggers that encourage.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

Every week whilst I meet people online, I have been looking out mainly people that I did not know. People that seem to blog because they have but one motive, to encourage and reach out to other people. Here are the people I have found this week, people that are there selflessly and not for stats, or hits, or their own gain. But selfless kind people that get overlooked. It’s my hope that every week I am able to share links of these type of people.

If you yourself find someone you think is worthy, please draw them to my attention? motivation health and wellness. said wonderful things about her sister
A very nice blog of poetry, filling the world with positivity…
helping others is her tag line. If your having issues she sure understands.

Not really that good at sharing links just…

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Do what needs to be done

Inspired Visions

In continuing with the Spirit of Success from last week, I decided to list more principles to help people be more successful.

#1 Circumstances

One thing that is common to every person on the earth is that we all are faced with circumstances. Those circumstances can be good, bad, or neutral. However, successful people know that the circumstance doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is how to handle the circumstance.

Unsuccessful people always focus on the problem. This drains their energy and resources. On the other hand, successful people concentrate strictly on the solution and the creativity utilized to reach it. This keeps the successful person energetic and resourceful.

#2 Attitude of Gratitude

Successful people believe in the attitude of gratitude. If you follow any of the Success Coaches, they have mentioned this to you before. However, even though we may know this, how many of us still…

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Soulful Sunday – 1/31/2016

Real Bold Truth

The Voice of God

Ssshhhh; did you hear that? Did somebody say something? God – was that you?

Have you ever Heard him audibly? I mean with your ears like you would with any other person? Well in my 43 years I’ve never.

Some people appear to be more prone to hearing the voice of God, while others like me simply are left scratching their heads!

Have you ever heard someone say well I was talking to the Lord the other day and I said Lord…..And he said…. Like there was some instant exchange in conversation! REALLY??

I can’t question the way some hear from the Father but I also can’t get wrapped up into thinking I have not hit some spiritual epiphany due to lack of maturity.

Never-the-less He does speak to me. It’s just not by a whisper in my ears….
Learning the process of being sure if…

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#JusJoJan 31 January 2016


Thought I’d share a thought with you, my dear reader, can you believe that January ends today? Seems like yesterday it was the New Year and here we are at the other end of the month. February still makes me shiver and this is the 57th anniversary of the death of the King of Rock and Roll (Buddy Holly) as fate would have it, my cousin had been teaching me to read and introduced me to the exciting sounds of Buddy and The Crickets, when my uncle came in with the newspaper I decided to put what I’d learned to use and started to read the back page story about the death in a plane crash of Buddy, the Big Bopper and Richie Valance. I knew all 3 stars through their records and enjoyed listening to them all. When I read that no one had survived the crash I had…

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A Taste of You

The Lonely Author


A Taste Of You

Long are the days
lonely are my nights
since I tasted your body
my urges won’t subside
it is your kiss I relish with
a sweet aftertaste I adore
your flavor never fades
you leave me craving more

Moments go by so quick
yet memories forever stay
I’ll always long for your taste
only you can quench this urge
it doesn’t matter where I go
doesn’t matter what I do
life will never be the same
since I had a taste of you

Photo borrowed from Google Images.

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DC Comics TV Shows


For all you comic book lovers, I know you must already know about DC Comics. But for those who don’t DC Comics is one of the largest and most successful companies operating in American comic books, and produces material featuring numerous well-known heroic characters, including BatmanSupermanWonder WomanGreen LanternFlashAquamanShazamHawkman and Green Arrow.

Shows centered around these comics have been on TV since 1950s. Go ahead and ask your parents.

Thankfully, Warner Bros, were quick to give us fresh and new DC Comics shows. These shows are no joke, and are becoming more and more popular to people who don’t even read comic books.


The series follows billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, portrayed by Stephen Amell, who, five years after being stranded on a hostile island, returns home to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante whose weapon of…

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Cornelius Cog the Groundhog for Groundhog Day 2016

John Cowgill's Literature Site

Hello Everyone.  I am Cornelius Cog the Groundhog.  Today is Groundhog Day.  I am a groundhog.  Therefore, this day is about me.  Actually, it is about groundhogs.  Being a groundhog, I am qualified to speak for Groundhog Day.  Therefore, and please note why the therefore is there for, I am speaking to you about Groundhog Day.  I am a groundhog.  To those who have no idea of what a groundhog is, we are not hogs, but we do live in the ground.  We do have lots of fur so we stay warm in winter.  Oh, the ladies love to rub their bare feet on my fur.  No, I will not volunteer my fur for a coat or a pair of shoes.  Anyway, some of you are wondering if I will see my shadow.  Since I live in the ground and have no electricity or plumbing, the answer will be no. …

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