Social Documentary Photography “Homosexuals In China” Their Government & Social Struggles

Edge of Humanity Magazine

Documentary Photographer Douglas Hook is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.  These images are from his project “Forbidden Love“. To see Douglas’ projects click on any image.



Elephant in the Room!

Mencius, an eminent Confucian philosopher, once said “There are three things that are unfilial, and to have no posterity is the greatest of them” highlighting even the modern societal values of China. Little has changed in the mindset of the Chinese when it comes to family, however in regards to the same sex relations, as far back as 650B.C. there are records of sexual diversity in China with references stating that homosexuality may have been a common occurrence. Attitudes started to change when the west, with their traditions and values, started flowing into the country during the 19th century. Communist China’s official stance on homosexuality are the three no’s; No approval, no disapproval, no acceptance (不⽀支持…

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Trosa harbor in February 

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Welcome to Trosa harbor everyone:)

There’s not much human activity here this time of year, but it is beautiful with nature presence.

About 4 o’clock in the afternoon. In summer months there’s no such darkness almost in any time of the day.

This is the entry of Trosa from seaside.

In summertime this is the place for “Göta kanal-båtarna”, tour boats from Göta Kanal, when they visit Trosa.

Spring on its way in the grass, but winter in water where there’s still ice. This is part of the guest harbor.

Lots of boats on land still. And the water you see in the picture is actually a grass surface in summer.

Lots of boats inside the big grey buildings too, waiting for Spring to arrive.

This space is really crowded in summer. Can you imagine that?

Now you have walked from Trosa harbor at “Smörbyttan” to the inner Trosa harbor…

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“Attributes of a Poem”

Karl's Blog


Attributes of a Poem

Sight – Your loveliness reflects the beauty within your soul

Touch – The touch of your hand on mine completes my oneness

Smell – Your loving fragrance ignites a fire in my senses

Hear – To hear your laughter lights up my darkened world

Taste – The sweet taste of your lips confirms our undying love

“Attributes of a Poem” by Rellick

Image: Pinterest

Copyright © Rellick’s Writings/2006 all Rights Reserved

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7th Month Old & Happy Chinese New Year


Hello Hello, MiddleMe Readers

I would like to send special thanks to all those who followed me in 2016, causing a positive surge in my numbers. I am proud to announce that MiddleMe has reached 1000 followers! Yippee, Yay!


My daily numbers of per view have reached 203 on the daily average and the number of unique visitors that read daily is 56 with 106 likes daily. A HUGE thank you to those who have been following and supporting MiddleMe.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.52.34 PM

Another round of heartfelt thanks is directed at those who took the effort to leave comments. A lot of you encourage me, spur me on and acknowledge my work. I truly appreciate it and I can tell you that you don’t know how your words inspire me to write at every moment. Folks have asked me how am I able to write so much? All I can say, my WordPress…

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Paris is that lady, as beautiful as Aphrodite, as royal as Victoria, who always visits you in your dreams and you long to meet her all your life, but when you actually have her in front of you, you are in awe, and what you hear is just your racing heartbeat..

It is near to impossible to be able to visit every nook and corner of the city, for it has so much to offer. ‘Been living here since a year now, and I have only seen a quarter of the city’- a social activist.

Walking down the streets with a map and camera is the best way to experience the beauty of the city. Here, the sun sets late but the city is always awake. While strolling around the city one experiences a breeze of history, beauty and luxury at once!

The large number of museums, churches, palaces are…

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Valentine’s date night makeup look xxoo


Hello girls

I am really nervous to publish this post because I am no makeup artist and beauty expert and no model!! I was putting this thought off for quite a while now and finally decided to do it !

This is just a simple dewy/ fresh/ soft pink eyes makeup look. I really enjoyed doing this and I hope you enjoy it too and get some inspiration.. So lets get straight into it ..

Let me show you the products and brushes I used first!

I first prepped my face by scrubbing and later moisturised my face and underyes using Olay and Clinique creams. As you can see there is no foundation! Yes thats right. I applied the Soap and Glory Kickass concealer on the blemishes I wanted to correct and conceal.. I used Maybelleine age rewind under eye concealer in nude for all over my face for a…

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