Saint Valentine for Valentine’s Day 2016

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Hello Everyone.  I am the Saint Valentine.  I am a saint.  It is on this very day that you celebrate the love of your life.  Sadly, not everyone can celebrate this day because not everyone has a love, or they have yet to meet their true love.  Sadly, this is a day of great sadness.  To those, I have a great sympathy for you.  I once had not met that true love of my live, but then that love came to me.  I celebrate her every day of my very own life.  It may be that you may one day do the same.  This is a very special day.  It celebrates true love as opposed to hideous and fake love that seems to be going around these days.  On this day, I proclaim that one of two things happen: you find your true love, or your true love finds you. …

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