Saint Valentine for Valentine’s Day 2016

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Hello Everyone.  I am the Saint Valentine.  I am a saint.  It is on this very day that you celebrate the love of your life.  Sadly, not everyone can celebrate this day because not everyone has a love, or they have yet to meet their true love.  Sadly, this is a day of great sadness.  To those, I have a great sympathy for you.  I once had not met that true love of my live, but then that love came to me.  I celebrate her every day of my very own life.  It may be that you may one day do the same.  This is a very special day.  It celebrates true love as opposed to hideous and fake love that seems to be going around these days.  On this day, I proclaim that one of two things happen: you find your true love, or your true love finds you. …

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Pure Delight ! / A Child’s Heart.


Children are angels of innocence and pure delight.

They are the sweet morning’s breathes and smiles.

The long awaited blooming of majestic spring.

The water that flows through the branches veins ,

To produce new green leaves and blossoms .

Where birds build their nests and raise their chicks.

They are the fruits that nurtures the body and soul.

They are the future’s stars which brighten the night.

Christmas is for those who have a child’s Heart.

Heaven is for those who have children’s innocence.

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