When you have better ideas


Sometimes, we have much better ideas than our management especially when we are closer to the ground, closer to the customers. But how do we present our ideas in order to allow our bosses hear us out?

Let me share with you today on steps to get through to your bosses with a great idea of yours:

entrepreneur-696972_640Facts & Figures
Always prepare your homework before confronting your boss and of course, present it politely to him or her, not in a smug “I am right” way. Even when your figures point everything you said is right, open up your mind to what your supervisor is saying. Take an opportunity for a healthy debate, you may learn much more about your boss’s thought processes and decision-making style, which is useful to you in similar future situations.

Tom, 20, Retail Assistant
“I told my supervisor that we are losing stocks to a…

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Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

Glam Meets Girl

Part two of the Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani collection are similar with the eyeshadow palette from part one of the release, Gwen put together a selection of shades that she said she’d want to have with her in her makeup bag.

The Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette includes six shades of blushes from a pop of pink to a matte bronze. The Afterglow formula is supposed to last for eight hours, sheer coverage. The funny thing about the Afterglow formula is that I don’t really think it’s sheer; it’s more of a medium, buildable coverage formula.

  • Cherry (light pink satin)
  • Easy (deep rose w/gold shimmer)
  • Angel (champagne-nude shimmer)
  • Lo-Fi (soft bronze matte)
  • Hush (medium pink with gold shimmer)
  • OC (soft pink with peach shift)

I absolutely love the palette design they have come up with and so far, I have to say there isn’t any element of the…

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Valentine’s day gift ideas 


Have you ever heard of mobstub.com? If not it’s this cool site that has random unique gadgets for everyone! Down bellow I’ll show you a couple examples of what they have to offer, which by the way all can be used as gifts for Valentine’s Day.


Beats by Dr Dre Monster Headphones$43


Self balancing electric scooter$399


Portable power with LED flashlight$20


Detangling hair straightener brush$28


24 piece makeup brush set$19

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Travel Blog | India

Spread love not hate

Hello my beautiful friends,

Hope the 2016 is treating you well. I had a good break during the year end in India! Just some snippets for my readers. I didn’t get much time to do sightseeing as we spend quite a bit of our time planning our grandparents 80th birthday . So 1 week was extremely short!


One thing that always amazes me is the way they use colors in their everyday life. It really takes so much determination and skill to do this in the wee hours in the morning!

Kolam is an ancient practice in south India. Usually hand drawn with rice flour with many reasoning associated with it. Though it is definitely appeasing to the eyes, the main reason is associated with spiritual belief such as welcoming Goddess of wealth and eradicating ones sins thus maintaining good energy around our living space.

Whereas some say it is to feed the…

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