By the Mighty Mumford


He didn’t know I’d published,**

To buy the book he wished…

He got it on KINDLE

So easy to handle,

Doubling my sales…accomplished!   (2 copies)

–Jonathan Caswell

**Referring to SPIRIT-LED LIMERICKS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN POETRY. Available at both  and, for their respective readers.  Soft covers available from Amazon and American Star Books–my publisher.  Prices do vary.

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Lonely Author Can’t Get Enough Sex

The Lonely Author

SimonPeanuts2Haha.  I figured that would make you peek.

Actually, I considered posting a naked selfie, but I couldn’t find my wide angle lens.

Gone one freaking day. One freaking day.  And WordPress has gone bonkers.

I read some posts today between chapters of my novel. Now, I am trying to respond to your comments back to me.

And I can’t comment on your comments. They’re stifling the Chimp.

Forget about Supreme Court conspiracies…they are monkeying around with me.

So, I changed my blogging habits to tend to my butterflies.

But I don’t want my blogging butterflies to think I am ignoring them.

So, I don’t know when I will be able to respond to you.

Please feel free to think of something witty or downright dirty and attribute it to me. (For those of you who choose to have the dirty thoughts, please feel free to forward them to me at…

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