To My Generation, Gen-X

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The war of the generations is heating up. The fight for supremacy between Boomers and Millenials in social, economic, and fashion is now the key distinction in the Democratic Party and to a lesser extent the Republican Party as well. Bridging the gap, as usual, are Gen-Xers – now poised to become the glue that holds everything together.

How messed up does the world have to be to have it come to this?

People of my generation, we know that no one can speak for all of us. So let me speak for the Gen-X generation and you can decide for yourself. You don’t have the time to listen to me whine so I’ll be as brief as I can:

It’s up to us, like it or not. We can either start leading or stand around and tell the Millenials to get off our lawn while we wait for the…

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By the Mighty Mumford


At work it’s cat-and-mouse,
I’ve never figured it out…
Why bosses play games
With computer domains
Making one seem like a louse!

Assuming the job is well-run
Is there really no time for fun?…
Just not all the time,
I draw the line
at rush hour when it’s not done!

I quickly minimize
If something comes up to supervise…
Eyes on the front gate
especially late
In the evening is highly advised!

–Jonathan Caswell
(The Author is a Security Officer working second shift–a late one alone–in industrial-executive office security.)

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