Soulful Sunday – 1/31/2016

Real Bold Truth

The Voice of God

Ssshhhh; did you hear that? Did somebody say something? God – was that you?

Have you ever Heard him audibly? I mean with your ears like you would with any other person? Well in my 43 years I’ve never.

Some people appear to be more prone to hearing the voice of God, while others like me simply are left scratching their heads!

Have you ever heard someone say well I was talking to the Lord the other day and I said Lord…..And he said…. Like there was some instant exchange in conversation! REALLY??

I can’t question the way some hear from the Father but I also can’t get wrapped up into thinking I have not hit some spiritual epiphany due to lack of maturity.

Never-the-less He does speak to me. It’s just not by a whisper in my ears….
Learning the process of being sure if…

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