The Perceived Projection !

From my Pen to your Soul

What is Perception ? – To me it is a way of mental impression, a notion, an idea, a thought, an outlook or a belief. What appears good to you may not appear good for me. The way I see a thing may not be the way you look into it. It’s my perception and, not necessarily, my perception is right or wrong. It is how I want to see things.

I know most of you might have fallen trap into this world of perception. You must have argued, must have fought or must have debated with someone or the other to prove your perception as right and to establish your opinion. Well guys, it’s not a mandate, that people will understand your perception all the time. It’s a way of optimism or pessimism that defines perception. Those optimist will always see the brighter side of a perception and those pessimist will see the darker…

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