Dressed in Moonlight

Mugilan Raju

Her honeyed words of light seduce me tonight.

I see her dressed in that transparent black dress, parting the starry night sky, walking right up to me.

She place her fingertips so softly on the nape of my neck, as if she’s tuning her violin to play.

Her mermaid hair strewn all over my face, her alabaster skin melting into mine, burning like the molten core of the sun.

I trace every inch of her body, unfold it as a map, trace its light with my lips, chase it with a kiss.

I unbutton her dress, to see her dressed in moonlight, to read her skin tracing stars and constellations, exhaling nebulas and galaxies, the throbbing core of love.

My hand on her belly, my lips on her neck, she moan in fairydust, she cry out a battle cry, and demand to be conquered.

She overtake me, like the glowing…

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