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Last Sunday, with the roar of the Boeing jetliner, I returned back to Seattle from my vacation to the Big Island (Hawaii). Besides my imaginary stalker Cyndi and my wife, a few of you devotees of my Worthless Advice know, I like to visit Kauai when I head to Hawaii. Note: my parents still live on Kauai (and I went to school there). This year, I couldn’t squeeze a Kauai stay into my travel and vacation plans. This vacation, I spent the whole ten days on the Big Island this time around. The other amazing part? The vacation was just with my wife and no children. It was surreal.

The Big Island is “big”. It is twice the size of the other Hawaiian Islands added together. It is as big as the state of Connecticut (roughly 4000 square miles). One major drawback: Not as many sand beaches as compared to…

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