The Time Ashton (Didn’t) Invite Me On His Bus

Midnight Musings with Megs

Christopher Ashton Kutcher is from Iowa.

So am I.

He was discovered at a bar called The Airliner. I discovered that The Airliner has nice booths. My butt might have sat where his butt has sat, we don’t know. If so, it’s like our butts are two degrees from kissing. Right?

Note To Self: Figure out how Six Degrees of Separation works.

10513355_10102354552015829_6652050341937880153_n.jpg Home, School, and Bar Scene of Ashton and Megs

One time, long ago, when elections were normal, he was in town for a rally. I was in undergrad and felt pretty bummed because I had an evening class that day. I wanted to see the candidate, but I was also sort of curious about Ashton. I’d never thought he was particularly handsome before. His loud antics on Punk’d were a turn off, and he just wasn’t my type of feller.* Which is fine and dandy. His poster hung on thousands…

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Can a Third Party Decide On Abortion?

philosophical Epiphany

            Are males privileged to ‘decide’ on abortion when it does not involve their ‘own’ body? Central word is: decide, as one is granted the power to manufacture a decision on a stance in which they are unable to appreciate to the fullest extent. This is radically different from merely voicing an opinion; which is of course granted under the constitution of rights sub-sectioned by freedom of speech. In contrast, as one coherently devises a decision, it necessitates expectations of transforming one’s opinion into an objective artifact, an action, or an upshot transcending before them.

On morality, it is accepted that no one is entitled to the service of another person without their consent (ex. slavery),  nor is one entitled to exploit the body of a fellow human being as a resource for their own selfish aims (ex. unconsented organ harvest). Withal, this covers the idea of survival; namely, I can not use any part of…

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Paris aujourd’hui

Lori Greer in Portland


To be young, to be in love, and to be in Paris.

He once asked me, “When you were a little girl, did you ever think that you would be strolling down the Champs-Elysees?”

With a huge smile of wonder and amazement, I shook my head and answered, “Not really”.

Today, years later, I stroll the Champs-Elysees, alone with memories of the man who gave me Paris.

It is a beautiful day and I am happy to be here.

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Out on the court

basketball game is on

late afternoon sun

still beating down

double dribble perspiration

Gabriella watches with smoldering eyes

those boys on the court

running up and down

wolf loud, pack proud

playing too rough

shoulder jabs, fleet flying

these boys right tough

but she can shoot a ball

mid-court too

ain’t got nothin’ on her

but that cut edge

she can weave too

in and out of their game

so she darts in

face to face with Julio

he scorns her briefly

that girl acting like

she got game

oughtta know her place

she ain’t gonna out dribble him

cause he dances on soccer balls

arms like golden sand

he’s a puma with a ball

crowd gathers

the neighborhood evening time

grill smoke fills thick air

ice cream van is comin’

London Bridge is falling down

blaring from static speakers

no quinceanera for Gabriella

she’s not…

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Book Trailer: Warm someone’s spirit with this three year life-changing travel yarn

Just Turn Left

One of the Reindeer Tribe who came in for a cup of tea on a rainy SaturdayOne of the Reindeer Tribe who came in for a cup of tea one rainy Saturday

Just Turn Left at the Mountain – Trials & Tribulations Meandering Across Chinese Borders by Andy Smart

With zero Chinese speaking ability and minimal planning, Andy’s story starts with a disastrous online romance played out in South China and his great escape. From a first Chinese haircut, to encountering the most fearsome waitress in China, to Chengdu and its famous napalm like hot pot, the journey winds its way from Tibet into Yunnan via one of the most dangerous bus journeys in the world. Across borders he foolishly goes ghost hunting in Cambodia and to the DMZ’s ‘no man’s land’ in South Korea. We also take a visit to the eagle hunters of Western Mongolia and the Russian border where Andy manages a Mongolian holiday camp.

For a direct link to the book click…

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The Perceived Projection !

From my Pen to your Soul

What is Perception ? – To me it is a way of mental impression, a notion, an idea, a thought, an outlook or a belief. What appears good to you may not appear good for me. The way I see a thing may not be the way you look into it. It’s my perception and, not necessarily, my perception is right or wrong. It is how I want to see things.

I know most of you might have fallen trap into this world of perception. You must have argued, must have fought or must have debated with someone or the other to prove your perception as right and to establish your opinion. Well guys, it’s not a mandate, that people will understand your perception all the time. It’s a way of optimism or pessimism that defines perception. Those optimist will always see the brighter side of a perception and those pessimist will see the darker…

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The Date

The Lonely Author


The Date

Ray poured rum into two ice filled glasses.

Glancing at the mirror on the wall, he admired the sleek woman kicking off her shoes. She wasted no time heading directly for the bedroom.

This will be my greatest conquest.

He sighed. He never bedded anyone as beautiful as her.

“Ray, what’s taking so long?”

He trembled with anticipation. She is way out of my league. Not the kind of girl I normally pick up.

He hurried into the bedroom as her skirt crumpled to the carpeted floor.

He handed her the drink.

They clicked glasses.

“To new romance.”

Ray gazed into her aqua eyes hoping she melted when she looked into his.

She held up her glass, “To the termination of a beautiful evening.”

Admiring her choice of words, he nodded. Wow, she is a dream come true.

Taking the glass from her hand he pushed her down…

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