Poet Rummager

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)

A clap of thunder woke her from slumber.

She shivered but not from fear.

Raindrops trickled on warm skin –

trailing down her neck and over her breasts.

The warm moisture tingled and teased

her curves and crevices.

Gasping for breath, she sighed his name.

He answered with a low rumble,

and his black eyes roved over her.

Teshub, she called him again

as the mad storm devoured her.

She clung to him, mewling and spent.

Lightning coursed through her veins

as wild winds carried her over the edge.

*Teshub is the Hurrian god of sky and storm.

Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤

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Red Balloon

The Lonely Author


Red Balloon

Lucy treasured a red balloon
so she filled it up with love
and everywhere Lucy went
balloon followed up above

All of Her friends advised her
inflated loves could fall apart
they can burst with no regret
and break her tortured heart

Lucy learned a terrible reality
After she loved him everyday
some balloons will deflate you
other balloons just blow away

Photo taken from Pinterest

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The Launch Of Shamballa Equality Bracelet @ Fairfax & Roberts


Christopher Haggarty, Fairfax and Roberts Shamballa Jeweles #EqualityRocks

Shamballa Jewels and the exclusive Australia retailer Fairfax & Roberts have joined forces to launch the Shamballa Equality Bracelet on the 1st of March for the Sydney Mardi Gras 2016.

Last night, Kent and I were invited by our friend, celebrity stylist and style editor of Sydney Standard Christopher Haggarty to accompany him for the launch party at Fairfax & Roberts.
As an ambassador for the #EqualityRocks Project, Christopher dressed up in the classic black and white looking dapper than ever. He proudly showed us this gorgeous handmade Equality Bracelet, created by Shamballa Jewels in Copenhagen. From the look of it, I think it’s an unisex accessory, and one can easily dress it up or dress down with it.
The Equality Bracelet is designed to share the messages of: equality; love and compassion.

The nibbles kept coming and our Pommery champagne kept flowing.., in this glamorous venue, we chatted and…

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