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To the Mosquitoes…(You Su**ers)


To Mrs Mosquito,
Please find an alternative to make your eggs. I know you need the protein and iron found in my (Human) blood to make your babies, but I am not here to help you in breeding more of your kind.
And if you don’t stop this, I swear I gonna Squish every ounce of blood you just sucked of me and put you on the pedestal for every member of your clan to see, that I have powerful weapons like All Out and Good Night and Black Hit. Be good, feed on plant pulp, need not make babies, and dare you think of renting my cooler again. 

Not at all Faithful
Dangerous Human
No thanks to you
(Do Not contact)

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And Shabbot Shalom to you too

By the Mighty Mumford

Friday evening through the next day til dusk,

The Sabbath comes for Jews…

A time of peace and family

Your kippah (Kippot)  to use.

Synagogue time for readings and prayers,

The Cantor sings out loud…

The glories of your Most High God–

God’s people can be proud.

For God, despite Gentile threats

His people has not forsaken…

Someday He will come to rescue

And earth’s foundations be shaken.

–Jonathan Caswell

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