Saint Clements Island, Colton’s Point, Maryland

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Saint  Clements  Lighthouse  Saint  Clements  MarylandThis  is  a  replica  of  the  lighthouse  that  was  on  Saint  Clements  Island  in  Colton’s  Point,  Maryland.  The  original  lighthouse  was  destroyed  by  a  storm  along  with  flooding.  Clements  Island  sits  about  two  miles  into  the  Potomac  River  from  the  Maryland  shoreline,  and  it  was  on  this  island  where  Maryland  was  established  as  a  state.

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Mobile VoIP or simply MVoIP is an extension of mobility to a Voice over IP network. Two types of communication are generally supported: cordless/DECT/PCS protocols for short range or campus communications where all base stations are linked into the same LAN, and wider area communications using 3G/4G protocols.

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There are several methodologies that allow a Mobile handset to be integrated into a Mobile VoIP network. One implementation turns the mobile device into a standard SIP client, which then uses a data network to send and receive SIP messaging, and to send and receive RTP for the voice path. This methodology of turning a mobile handset into a standard SIP client requires that the mobile handset support, at minimum, high speed IP communications. In this application, standard VoIP protocols (typically SIP) are used over any broadband IP-capable wireless network connection such as EVDO rev A (which is symmetrical high speed —…

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