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That feeling I get when all I can do is done, and I realise I am sitting on my own

Understanding the paladies, Breaking of the dawn,For all the families of the light, i’ll be here tonight,

Fresh blood, warm hugs gives me a glowing light inside me,

But when it dims, I don’t know how far I will have travelled, can I find my way back,

Dragging this heavy heart.

Looking for new fresh blood ,

We are but vamipes in the night, swapping what little blood we have

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Money Slang in the 1850s (Snippets 55)

Windows into History

1859sovereign (source: lifewithjohn.net)

Last year in Snippets 42 we looked at some slang terms from 1850, a very popular post that sparked off a lot of interest and some readers found quite amusing! So we are long overdue another look at slang from the past, and this time we will turn our attention to another publication from the end of the same decade, The Slang Dictionary, by John Camden Hotten, first published in 1859. Hotten was a successful publisher and an expert in rare books. He contributed articles about literary news to various publications, and wrote or co-authored several non-fiction books. His Slang Dictionary was popular enough to be reprinted several times over the course of a few decades. Let’s take a look at what he has to say about slang terms for money. Interestingly, a few of them are still in use today, although some applied to coinage that…

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