A Better Life (Conclusion)

The Lonely Author


A Better Life  (Conclusion)

A flash of light as overwhelming as a thunderbolt ignited the room.

Dressed in jeans, sneakers, dark blouse with her sleeves rolled up, Josephine crossed through the time portal.

Knotting her long black hair behind her, she raced down the hallway. The eeriness of parading through a school she hadn’t seen in decades chilled her spine.

Dashing down the corridor, she stopped in her tracks. Using the red hammer, she broke the glass. Not a dangerous weapon as the shooter’s, but a fire extinguisher would have to do.

Two loud bangs in the distance startled her.

The shooter reached the security desk.

Less than ninety seconds before he shoots Jack.

Josephine scooted down the hallway, ducking into the empty classroom.

Several loud pops advised her two teachers just died. The killer would turn the corner in seconds.

She bit her lips in hopes of containing her…

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Poet Rummager


Rushing waterfalls pour from the tranquil lake.

I, in a frenzy, deep breath you call me –

whispering let go, let go
I’ll catch you –

here in my arms where it’s calm.

Close your eyes, you say, I’ll keep the terrors away.

Rushing waterfalls endlessly stream down –

into the lake where fierce currents are found.

My turmoil within,
you soothe with quiet words –

bubbling gently; washing over me.

My fears are swept away over slippery stones

and eaten by fish who enjoy their salty, chewy meat.

*Southbury, CT with FlyTrapMan

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