It’s my Birthday: Thank you mom for helping me be fearless and giving me wings


It is that time of year again whereby I stop, pause, and thank my mom. Well, I have always thanked my mom.   Probably not enough while she was alive. There’s never enough time. But there is always enough sadness and guilt when they depart this earth.  But it is my birthday and I don’t want to be weighed down by that guilt and sadness. I do that plenty of other days.   Today is celebratory, including the adoration of my mother.

See, one’s birthday is not just about oneself. My mom labored hard for me to come into this world. My birthday is a day to recognize her love and care of me from birth till she left.  Every year, I thank her on my birthday even though she is no longer around to hear my thanks. And every year, there is a different theme to my gratitude. Weird? Maybe.  I…

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