Pinnacles National Park

Grumpy Railroad

Checked another National Park off of the list the weekend.   Not as popular as some of the others but still an amazing park!   Beautiful terrain,  amazing rock formations and tons of wildlife!   Having been stuck in the bad air of the central valley for the summer, it was amazing to be somewhere with crystal clear skies!  It was amazing!  Another great thing was, even though there were a lot of people at the campsites,  the trails were scattered lightly with people.    We loved this hidden gem! 🙂

More pics to follow:

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The Gallant Family

Rashmi Tiwari


The WAR time and her husband’s body were back in the tricolour wrap.
She cried all  nights with a small baby in her hand.
With no hope about the further life and felt the need of him.
She lived at that time because of her small baby boy, the last remark of his.
“Have to live for you…” She said with flamboyancy.
Year passed…. With the loneliness, surrounded.
She tried to search happiness in her son.
Giving the best of education, making him grew up with the
Brave stories of his father.
The patriotism, she conferred and dissolve in her son ❤
One day.
“I will join the Army. Maa” he said.
She was waiting to hear this from him  she wants him to
Be in the Army.
“Apply and go for it, ” she said.
He completed his training and become an officer in the Army.
After few years..

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New Hot Pink & Black Nails


Hiii everyone and TGIF! Yesterday, I had a little pampering party to get myself perfect for the holiday weekend. I got my nails filled in the morning and then spent the evening dyeing my hair to get it nice and bright red for Christmas. As always, my nail tech, Vinny, did an amazing job shaping and sharpening my nails. I opted for a color for the accent nail that I rarely pick but am actually loving right now. Hot pink! It is far from your classic, run of the mill highlighter hot pink but more like a bright fuchsia and I think it is so fun! Take a look:


The color looks admittedly red in this picture because poor camera quality but you get the point! Normally, when I am picking an accent nail color, I go with red or shades like grey, beige, or white. This new accent nail…

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