Day 1364: Cardinal Rules

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Yesterday, my boyfriend Michael, who likes cardinals, bought some cardinal cards at the Mayo Clinic hospital gift shop.

One of my cardinal rules is never to wager unless I’m sure about an outcome, so there was no betting when Michael and I played 500 Rummy in the Intensive Care Unit last night, as I continue to recover from my recent open heart surgery.

Another cardinal rule of mine is that I prefer winning to losing , so Michael and I might play Crazy Eights today, instead.

I also have a cardinal rule about eating fresh and healthy food, so these meals at the Mayo …

… are definitely inspiring me to get out of the hospital as soon as possible.

Another cardinal rule of mine, which I practiced at this daily blog for several years, was never to show my own face here. I break that cardinal rule if I…

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Churchill Theatre Community Building, 103 Walnut Street, Church Hill, Maryland

When I was kid growing up on Maryland’s eastern, mid-shore side of the Chesapeake Bay, there were two movie theaters we went to:

The Church Hill Theatre and The Avalon in Easton.

The Church Hill Theater was the only movie house in my home county that was still open back then. There used to be one in just about every little village around. People would ride for miles on wagons and bicycles to see the latest Shirley Temple musical, Universal monster thriller, or Roy Rogers oater, but by the time I came along in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, those places were things of the past.

Once the Church Hill closed as a second-run relic in the mid-1980’s, theaters were completely a thing of the past in Queen Anne’s. Thirty years later and we still have to travel for miles to see a big screen film.

Fortunately, my family now…

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Real Neat Blog Award….!

Life with Tranquility...!

Dear Loving Sweet Followers..!

It’s a great honor for me that,

One of my so Loving Follower (Rebbecca)


Nominated me for this cute Award.

It is a great way of motivating / acknowledged each others

Abilities / Skills / Creativity / Innovations

With full of Love & Emotions

As well as

It is a very huge plate form

For introducing him/herself in front of

WordPress Family

No matter what kind of thoughts you have..!

You should express these

Because you have full right of

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Soulful Sunday – Provision – A Word of Exhortation

Real Bold Truth

The Spirit of the Lord whispered to my soul speaking specific, detailed and BOLD things about the subject of finances and provision. Believe and Receive!


The Lord your God says that my children are putting me in a box during a critical season of complete overflow for them. 2016 is a year of Jubilee, a pouring out of abundant blessings! They are thinking, praying and asking too small when so much more is available. I’m so much bigger and greater than daily needs sayeth the Lord. This REALLY is your time!

I can’t bless my babies beyond what they ask for or believe no matter how much I want to. Those who seek and step up to receive this abundance must do so in Faith and free from greed, unnecessary excess and complete selfishness. For the blessings are not just for you alone but for the lost.

I want…

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