Hot Ears!

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My ears are so hot!

Someone must be talking up a storm about me!

My mother used to say “Right’s your mother, left’s your lover…”

My real Mom in Scotland doesn’t barely talk any more so it must be you, Mary Lou, my “adopted” mother in Canada !!!! 😉 Stop that, please ❤

I don’t have a lover, so there. No clue what man might be talking up such a storm, but he needs to QUIT! 😉 😛

Here’s some REAL info on hot red ears…..that’s not MY ear. I borrowed the pic from the article 😉

Now if only the people talking about me would take. BREAK!!!!
AJ 😉

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Sleek lippiesss


Hello ladies I am killing it today!!! This is my third post for the weekend!

In my previous haul I showed some sleek lip products and today I am here to share my thoughts on them.

The first one is Sleek matte me ultra smooth matte lip cream in Velvet Slipper.

OMG this is one matte lip I say! This is the first liquid lip product I tried! It is very pigmented and ultra smooth like the name suggests! The colour is so beautiful and opaque. It is very very very longlasting! ( I washed my hands three times to remove the swatches!!!) But it is really dry at the same time on the lips. You do have to prep your lips beforehand for this bad boy to look awesome. It does take a lot to take it off as well. Very affordable at £5 and good quality lip cream.

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Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes

The Critiquing Chemist


Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Book

Overview (No Spoilers): Upon finishing the preceding novel, Frozen Tides, I was left rather let down and disappointed in a book that is a part of my favorite young adult series. My major complaint centered on the overwhelming feeling that my near and dear characters were just pawns moving around the board, preparing for the next big novel. Due to the residual feeling left over from reading Frozen Tides, my expectations for Crystal Storm were mediocre at best. With that being said, I couldn’t put down Crystal Storm, which hooked me right from the onset. It was refreshing to step back into a world I thoroughly enjoy, picking up with the characters immediately following the cliffhangers of the previous novel. While Cleo and Magnus’ interactions could best be described as frustrating, the remainder of the cast more than made…

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Another Song Added To My Writing Playlist

James Harringtons Creative Work

I love Battle Beast. They’re a very 80s-style Heavy Metal Band with a very distinct sound. You really hear their full capabilities here:


Oh Hell Yes!!!


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My Diary: The Story Of An Anti-Soldier

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

The small people on my head had arranged themselves into convincing representations of amino acid molecules‭ (‬which may mean that life on Earth is evolving all over again‭) ‬before I followed June to town‭ ‬-‭ ‬we both wore complimentary colours although only I clashed with the shopping centre facade.‭ ‬We ate a meal in a wind tunnel before June went on her streamlined way and I came home with my jigsaw puzzle face broken down to its constitute pieces.‭ ‬I had to work in the glare of my headlights imagination,‭ ‬after taking a little while to start the car,‭ ‬and was still adding spots to the surface of the sun when June returned,‭ ‬her arms artificially lengthened and her shopping configured to look like the holy family on the flight into Egypt.

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