Thursday’s Doors ~ December 8, 2016: the loving macaws, George and Martha 


This couple are siblings.

Martha and George

show their affection

to each other.

They seem happy,

Although they may

like to be in a forest,

being alive is a blessing!

Caged birds see the palm trees,

vines and amazing cacti at the

Franklin Park Conservatory.

Sunshine streaming

into the large

ceiling – floor


This colorful, loving couple

kept my grandchildren

entertained for fifteen

minutes, Hendrix’s

eyes wide and



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Thursday’s Doors posts

on Norm Frampton’s blog!

Let us know how you feel

about endangered species

of animals, as well as

unique birds, being

held captive, but

safe and fed

in cages.

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When You Learn a New Language to Read a Single Book

Math with Bad Drawings

a dispatch from the fourth annual Heidelberg Laureate Forum

In 1984, the legendary Alexander Grothendieck released one of the greatest mathematical texts of the century: “Esquisse d’un Programme.”

It became a viral hit. Like an epic novel, it painted a sweeping vision of the blossoming field of algebraic geometry. The topic would soon come to dominate research mathematics, and Grothendieck pointed the way.


The young Vladimir Voevodsky was desperate to read it. There was just one problem: it was in French, and Vladimir didn’t speak French. So he did what any ordinary person would do.

He waited for the translation.


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