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I am most definitely a clean freak. I love cleaning and organizing things. But there are a few things that I just kind of skip over and choose not to acknowledge as something that needs cleaning. I had read a while ago that you need to clean your makeup brushes. But I mean, let’s get real, who has time to get their makeup brushes all wet and out of commission for a few hours while they dry?

Another thing about this story is that I don’t know a whole lot about makeup. I mean I get it, and I can put makeup on my face to the extent that people don’t give me weird looks when I go out in public, so I think I’m winning. But anything above and beyond confuses me and intimidates me and I just need to learn more about it! Don’t worry, that’s my next…

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By the Mighty Mumford

Downstairs, the Community dinner,

Sounds to be a winner…

Eat as you wish

Of every dish,

Let the Christmas tree glimmer!

Me-? it’s a shame that I’m,

Eat supper at a different time…

But we’ll cook beans

Tonight  with the means,

To go with our chick breast prime!

Up here I’m out of the way,

Of the ladies who plan Saturday…

This second floor perch

Allows my search,

Without being told “not to stay”!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

gypsy-2-300-ethere’s a noble soul resides in you,
enchanting your three humans,
bound by your beauty and grace,
mystery, adventure, failing kidneys
you with your fiery eyes, your
odd hungers and 3 a.m. run-abouts

“I sometimes longed for someone who, like me, had not adjusted perfectly with his age, and such a person was hard to find; but I soon discovered cats, in which I could imagine a condition like mine, and books, where I found it quite often.”  Julio Cortázar (1914-1984), Argentine novelist, short story writer, and essayist, Around the Day in Eighty Worlds

Grandkitty Gypsy and Pywacket Pyewacket and  Gypsy, both forever in our hearts

Gypsy Rose died a few years ago and I’d commissioned a set of paintings from Gretchen just in time. Dahlia lives at the Gyp’s house now and I have Baxter living with me, but Gypsy is still much missed and forever loved.

© 2016, poem and photograph, Jamie Dedes; Original watercolor…

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