Christmas in a unique setting 


Central Ohio’s Renaissance festival

includes so many aspects of history,

pirates, Vikings, lords and ladies.

The dramatic Robin Hood play

asked for volunteers to portray

Little John, who is rather bulky.

Landen screamed and yelled,

(age 11) and was chosen to

“gear up” with a pillow

padding to carry a

hefty sword and

receive guffaws


Here are from

Left to Right:

Lara, Skyler and Micah,

with Jolly St. Nicholas!

This was taken close to

Halloween, 2016

where Skyler

was an eerie

Joker with

green hair!

Looks festive to me!

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Football and Inspiration

If the events of the world today are leaving you jaded and dismal, then I invite you to read the following tribute to small town kids and to certainly watch the videos. The first one is a brief explanation/interview with the MHS cheerleaders as they made all Munday Moguls proud. The second video has nothing to do with the essence of this post, but also deals with a MM football player. It is a truly inspiring moment when a soldier returns home to surprise his brother and his mother (who have no clue of his return) at a pep rally. The mother does not initially see her military son when the blindfold is removedbut reacts to the TV cameras right in front of her. The scene of this little family coming together is a great moment. Times like these give me hope. Smile.

And I go back to the…

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Shawl Mania

Raise your hand if your throat is as dry as the weather these days, Oh well, keeping the very common viral aside it’s time to take your shawls out ladiesssss (& even lads, because even they look super classy in shawls).

We girls here at Herandhem LOVE Shawls because most importantly they keep you warm and because they accentuate your outfit and make you look 10 x elegant and attractive than you already are. It is also an excellent accessory to hide what you’re wearing if you wrap it all around you like a blanket, I’m sure all you desi girls know this trick! 😉

Kayseria was generous enough to let us experiment with their shawls and style them in different ways for you guys to see. The iconic wool blend and herring bone shawls are surely a symbol of luxury and finesse in printed versions that are multi purpose…

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My Diary: How To Be Imperfect In A Perfect World

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I sat,‭ ‬squashed between a row of gardening books,‭ ‬on a shelf in my library.‭ ‬June got me down instead of a book and began to read‭; ‬before she had finished‭ (‬I hate endings‭) ‬I showered in the garden and then took the dog out,‭ ‬me on a pogo stick and her on a mobile trampoline.‭ ‬We came out from the underpass with sore heads and on my return to the copper kettle house I diligently squeezed myself into a tin can to work.‭ ‬June sat with Poppy on a row of sardines:‭ ‬they collectively dreamed of being architectural columns holding up the widest viaduct in Western Europe.‭ ‬I thought they should be lighthouses shining vertically up into space‭ ‬-‭ ‬as‭ ‬I thought this a raven landed in the very centre of the amphitheatre and made a sunken galleon out of an electric violin and a piece of brain coral.

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