Book Review: A Guide To a Happy Marriage by Faye Taylor

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A Guide To a Happy Marriage: How I Managed Not To Angry At My Husband Anymore
by Faye Taylor

Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Published: October 11th, 2016
Rating: 4/5 Stars ****
The book: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU

Faye shared her own experiences encountered regarding her relationship problems with her husband. Not that she don’t like her husband but in fact love him very much. However when face to face with different expectations and personality conflicts in the relationship, anger and hatred flared up. Faye found out that God is the only answer to her marriage problems. Faye shared in this book how she depends on God’s strength and His wisdom to maintain a happy marriage. This book shows God’s many blessing upon the marriage when the wife focuses on God instead of on her own agendas. Finally, she could cool down and…

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How to Get Some Style: Stitch Fix

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

I think we all know that I have a slight addiction to shopping. Specifically, online. To be more specific, anything that allows me to sit on my couch and spend money at the same time.

So….I got another Stitch Fix! A little quick summary for those of you not familiar with Stitch Fix: It’s a personalized box that is sent to you whenever you request it, with 5 items in it. You pay $20 for it and if you like something you can put that $20 towards your final purchase. If you like everything in the box you get a 25% off discount. Yes, the clothes are a little on the higher end and pricey side, but not all of it. But if you’re like me and never buy new clothes, then splurging once every 6 months (or however much you want) isn’t too bad!

I also just became part…

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Out of Quora Box


Yesterday I asked him how long he will send money to his home. He said till 15 years. I broke up. Should I go back? Or I should move on?

This guy is really emotional and goody kinds. And tell me if I am wrong? Such guys prove to be Momma’s boy till they find a woman who understand them and respect their family too. And such guys make amazing husbands too and take wonderful care of their kids and wife too sacrificing their own happiness.

You know why? Because its in their family there can be no way that other members of his family be assholes and exploit him and he is exceptionally born and inherited different culture so unlike his family.

So if you see a future with him go back to him and if not just dump him right away as molding such men to your ways…

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