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Insider-Advice-12-Cyber-Security-Tips-for-Bloggers-2Sometimes a post isn’t your best work. It kind of goes over like a lead balloon or something like that. You put a lot of mental effort into it or perhaps its something you think people might find interesting or inspirational. Pride in your posts can taint how you write down the road if you let it. Not every post will shine like a diamond, some will go thud. It’s interesting how people react to things online and in real life. It really is hard to please everyone but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

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Thursday’s Doors ~ December 22, 2016 (close up)


You may remember another shop

which was featured in the Fall.

It was a shop connected in this

grand brick building, separated

by interior walls with several

places. The Choffey’s coffee

and tea shop with decadent

chocolates is on the left

of this florist shop.

It’s hard to capture,

showing how each

has its individual


This door in an

older brick building

has fun with both formal

and informal floral

holiday arrangements.

This is part of a series of doors,

with a link here to the founder,

Norm Frampton and his followers:


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