Danish Home Christmas Seals


For more than 60 years the Danish Home in Croton has been issuing what most people would think of as Christmas seals—stamp-like labels placed on mail during the Christmas season to raise funds and awareness for charitable programs.1 The American Lung Association has become so well-known for its Christmas seals that they’ve trademarked the term, but that doesn’t prevent other organizations from creating these beautiful, poster-like images. Click the stamps to enlarge them.

You can see a larger selection of seals from the Danish Home on the organization’s website.

  1. Stamp collectors refer to Christmas seals as “Cinderellas” the term for anything resembling apostage stamp but not issued for postal purposes by a government postal administration. ↩︎

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My Diary: Opening My Suitcase And Discovering It Full Of Sand

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I got up early,‭ ‬before June the body but after June the voice.‭ ‬I checked the garden quickly for pottery shards after the frost giant’s party during the night and then walked up the chimney pot road as introspective smoke‭; ‬the lady with the fluffy cat hat looking baffled by the miniature mountaineer climbing up my back‭ ‬-‭ ‬apparently he was trying an ascent of my unconquered North Face.‭ ‬I remembered to wave to a fragment of a person in the last house but one‭ (‬unfortunately that was the only fragment not looking‭)‬.‭ ‬I then found a pair of marching boots at the top of the road and climbed inside‭; ‬disembarking outside a pair of clapping gloves.‭ ‬Cold feet talked to cold hands and then came home with a solar flare in a paper bag and a warrior ostrich in a haversack.

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Reymon de Real Photography

img_6534When I was a young kid back in the Philippines, I always look forward to fiesta season when the carnival comes to town with various rides and shows. The centerpiece of the carnival was the ferris wheel and I never missed a ride despite the funny feeling on my stomach when the gondola comes down. So when I visited London last year, I made sure to ride their landmark ferris wheel called the London Eye. The ride was much slower taking 30 minutes for a full turn and was intentionally built as an observatory to provide visitors a bird’s eye view of the city. I took this photograph a day before I took the ride while exploring my hotel’s neighborhood. I also booked the champagne experience package to skip the lines and for a less crowded gondola and synchronized my ride with the time of the sunset. Unless one is…

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