Today’s Prompt: PANIC

When one says, I am in panic, this doesn’t automatically imply that they are actually having a panic attack; might as well be anxious.  There is a difference between the two;  I have blogged about this last week.   Read more here

9-sept-15-anxietyThe Daily Prompt: PANIC

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Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine


A drizzle, not wild rain
No drenching torrents
No puddles forming under
the palm and the birch
No soaking the dry brown earth
while I sit cozy inside
No squall, friend of solitude
to embrace the writing itch, just
a parched blue midnight
an effete sprinkle in the air
Nothing to stir the pen
or green the lawns

This must have been the poetic equivilant of a rain dance. Right after I wrote it we had a soaking downpour.

© 2016, poem, Jamie Dedes; photo courtesy of axelle b,

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Home … leaf art ♥ haiku

knitting with heart

embroidered Maple leaf artistry of Hillary Fayle

Happy fall haiku,
to you! 🙂

I’ve fallen for today’s shared
post by Susan aka LightWriters
@ l i g h t room ❤

Her heartwarming haiku with
hearty-die-cut maple leaf photo
also reminded me of another
foliage post (click image), where
I’d featured
 the embroidered-leaf
 of Hillary Fayle. 

Enjoy! ♥ Jackie

That plain humble place where love always says ‘hello’…
© 2016 S. Michaels Ambrosia | micro Haiku Image:

Source: Home

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