By the Mighty Mumford

(A…deep seated convictions poem)

 SEEMS LIKE…it’s happening,

Repeat performance totally..

Someone drops

Him from control stops,

Throwing up hands dejectedly.

His parents controlled his life,

So long it led to strife…

The experiment made–

He failed the grade–

He felt dumped in spite.

Seems that he’s experiencing the same,

Medical/psychological “blame”…

Is thrown his way–

Not willing to play—

Told that his beliefs are lame…!

He hopes to get out from under

Being assigned as a blunder…

They tried controlling

And overthrowing,

‘Cause he wouldn’t smile as much, they wondered?


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Tainted Love – Book Review

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Tainted Love


Kalie-Rose is that girl.
She’s that girl who calmed the storm within Ade Nixon.
She attained the unattainable.
She silenced his demons with her innocence.

Ade Nixon is the Vice President of Sinful Souls MC. His Hulk-sized body covered in tattoos and piercings – along with his don’t give a f*** attitude – screams, “I’ll suffocate you in your sleep”. And he would.

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