Flash Movie Review: Keeping Up with the Joneses


I learned at an early age that having more body mass was not a way to keep up with the people around me. Assumptions were made that I could not hit or catch a ball and I must be slow in a game of tag. Though initially I did not think I was different as time went on I sort of fell into people’s expectations. Oh and not being able to wear the latest trends in clothing because they did not make them in my size really pushed me over the edge. What could I do? I did what others in my situation did, ditch these unwritten rules. Little did I know this was going to help me later in life.   AFTER living in apartments where all the residents pretty much were on equal footing, I bought a house. It was a major adjustment for me. From living in places…

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Thomas Time for New Year’s Day 2017

John Cowgill's Literature Site

Hello  Everyone.  I  am  Thomas  Time.  This  is  New  Year’s  Day.  It  is  the  day  that  is  the  very  first  day  of  the  year.  That  is  why  it  is  called  New  Year’s  Day.  Some  of  you  are  saying  that  you  already  knew  that.  I  know,  but  you  do  need  a  reminder  from  time  to  time.  I  know  that  some  of  you  are  on  a  different  calendar,  but  for  most  of  us,  it  is  a  brand  new  year.  So,  let  us  say  farewell  to  this  year  and  say  hello  to  this  brand  new  year.  By  the  way,  you  really  had  no  choice  as  it  is  happening  anyway.  So,  let  me,  Thomas  Time,  say  to  you,  that  is  the  people  known  as  you,  wish  you  a  HAPPY  NEW  YEAR.  I  am  Thomas  Time.  Have  lots  of  fun.

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Soulful Sunday – REVEAL, DEAL, HEAL

Real Bold Truth

This message is not unique by far. It’s been told, preached and written about a million times over. Yet I feel compelled to reiterate today because many of us need to be reminded. The enemy likes snatching the Word from our spirits the instant it is uttered to keep us entrapped in bondage.

The only way to heal from a thing is to reveal it then deal with it! There is no other way! All else is simply avoidance and the rehearsed act of suppression. We may be able to keep symptoms of that pain at bay for a time; but it’s toxicity will spill out into the blood streams of our spirits in very nasty and unexpected ways. This leak ruins relationships, makes us ugly, robs us of blessings and stuns our growth.

REVEAL means to face that thing that you don’t want to talk about. When you do…

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