Why I Love M and M’s By Joel F

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I was in Vegas when i saw the M & M’s World. I hurriedly went inside and did not let the moment pass without capturing it through my lens as fast as the memories start flashing again.

M&M’s , how would i forget them? They’re the first imported chocolates i’ve tasted.

I remember my excitement everytime my aunt from oregon visit us, bringing loads of chocolates, the first i always grab were these colorful mini chocolates

Although the local brands are superb too, which i always buy in the “sari-sari” store outside our house, i don’t know why at such a young age, i’m partial to imported chocolates.

Not that they taste better, as a child all chocolates taste the same anyway. Perhaps the excitement is due to the fact that when you’re a child, you look forward to the things you…

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All Lined—In Time…

Pmespeak's Blog

14687Creative Spirits do—gather—one-time-or-maybe-two—to watch sky—etch forms—dissolve—appear and disappear—while often dancing ‘cross—so many places—to many races—as often they appear—only to disappear—and reappear—again—once-in-a-while…

March-time and—swinging-arms—together move—together sing—chance the ring—the motion dance—shaking and taking–the gray dawn—of morn’—mourning war—before the score—another revolution—the sums–of sons. Love’s Dance—one chance—of revolution’s–other sons—of other sums. A length down—Charlotte Street—be— Cardington Park—marks the march—beginning-to-end—begin again—to end again…

We are an instant in Time—All lined in rows of minutes…We are The People—Eternal Spirits all—We are The People—We are not Religions—We are The People—We are not Governments—We are The People—We are not War—We are The People—We are not Aliens upon this Earth—We are The People—-Children of the Universe—We are The People—We have the Right-to-be-Everywhere—We are The People—And! Governments All—Hear us Call—We are The People—All-of-Us—Right Now! Tomorrow Time—‘tis still the Crime—We are The People—We are the—Choice of the—Spin-of-the-Twirl—and—Spirits-of-the-Universal Swirl…So! ‘Let us-be-written—So! Let-us-be Done…’

Freedom Cries….How may walls—separate hearts from hearts—family from families…Walls…

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Best Bars in Boston

Mary in Manhattan

Brittany from Boston is back! She’s here to give us the scoop on the best bars in Boston for every occasion – dancing, a classy night out, breathtaking views and (of course) to watch the Sox.

boston wine Photo by Brittany from Boston

Whenever you New Yorkers need a break, you should come visit Boston. We’ve got lots of historic sights and cultural attractions, but the fun really gets started after the sun goes down! I’m here to help you navigate the best of Boston’s nightlife, where to get a drink for every occasion. Don’t make the rookie mistake of going out near Faneuil Hall, it’s all for tourists. If you want to go out and meet real Bostonians, these are the best bars in Boston.

Best Upscale Bars

When you’re in the mood for a nice cocktail and mingling by the bar, these are the spots that raise the bar for…

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