Something New – 2016

Real Bold Truth


Happy New Year to all my RLRT readers! I am so excited about this New Year! As many are, I have identified some resolutions and am quickly putting action behind the vision!

The Real Life/Real Talk site is going through some changes! This is a very good thing! In 2016 the blog site will have:

A New Look withuser friendly navigation (Published Now~)

Monthly Video Blogs – (1st will be featured on Jan 5th)

Access to Instagram

Short Power Reads

And More…..

God said to write the vision and make it plain. (Habakkuk 2:2) Sometimes that vision has to be tweaked along the way as we learn from experienced bumps and bruises as we run thereby! That is ok and should be expected as well, as long as the vision is not abandoned!

My last blog post of 2015 said to “Stay Tuned”. Well that period was never intended to…

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