My Quilling

Quill & Parchment

Hello Friends, today I wanna tell you about what a fanatic I am when it comes to Craft. In my lifetime, I learned many arts and crafts. Among them were Paper Mache, Origami, Flower Making from clay to bread, from stockings to ribbon. I enjoy spending my time with colours, I love making something beautiful from something very boring. I can knit and embroider, what a satisfaction it is to see that thread or wool to slowly take intricate neat patterns, be it cross stitch or long stitch or stem stitch. I used to embroider handkerchiefs and even learned Shadow Work. Shadow work looks awesome. I can make Colored Glass Paintings which look like a rainbow when sunlight streams through them in mornings. Like that I learned many types of art forms, some I kept practising some I left untouched. I used to feel like the creator himself when…

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