Educational tree, Woodward Elementary School


Examining the words,

it took some time to~

~ Read,

~ Process,

~ Understand

~ Put into action.

Here are the Wall Mural’s words:

“Sharpen the Saw”


“Seek first to Understand,

Then to be Understood”

“Think Win-Win”

“Put first things first”

“Begin with the end in mind”


“Be Proactive.”


Author’s Interpretation

~ Robin

I liked the concept of a tree to hang

words on, growing and searching.

Then building from roots and

using branches as scaffolds.

I like also idea of stretching,

growing, gathering strength.

In a tree’s lifetime, it must

rely upon sun, water and air.

What did you learn from the

teacher who may have painted this?

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In January, 2007, a ROYAL TRAIN ran from Philadelphia to New York

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were guests of the Levin family. Amtrak’s role was limited to that of a support services contractor, providing locomotives, crew and track to Junita Terminal Company for their chartered special train. Amtrak made an incremental profit on operating the chartered special train for Juniata Terminal Company, as they do on all special train and private car moves.

Both the Prince and the Duchess enjoyed the trip, and the railroad experience. He was knowledgable and interested in the cars, and the rail operations from PHL to NYP.

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Choose to change & grow

Jeremy Mcgilvrey


Our losses can change us. But we cannot allow them to control us.

Winning creates a positive cycle in our lives. When we win – we gain confidence. The more confidence we have, the more likely we are to take action when it’s necessary. However, losing can also create a cycle in our lives – a negative one. Losses, especially when they pile up, can lead to insecurity. When we are insecure, we doubt ourselves. It causes us to hesitate when making decisions. Even if we know what we should do, we are reluctant to do it.
We can allow our losses to impact our future decisions and let them define us. Or, we can choose to change – to grow, and to learn from our losses. The choice is ours. Do we get bitter – or do we get better?

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