Howlidays: Ballet Day

Travels with Choppy

I understand Choppy’s outfit, but I’m not so sure about what Schooner is wearing and its relationship to Ballet Day.


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Bonita Beach sunset

Yes I did learn a lot from your blog!


My friend, Peggy sent this to me,

as I was editing it on my cellphone,


So sorry, my friends. . .

I accidentally published this

Bonita Beach, Florida photo

before I was finished with

writing this about what

I would consider

a beautiful

“postcard style”


Peggy boarded her

jet plane under less

favorable circumstances.

Unfortunately, she and her

brother, John, are settling

the estate of her mother’s.


When we used to go to Michaeli’s,

a Scottish pub, we would get up and

sing karaoke in front of other patrons.

My favorite memory was when she

had her boyfriend, Tim, and I had my

good guy friend, Bill. We were there

with Lu and her husband, Ray. The

other couple who joined us was

composed of Felda and Jason.

When Lu, Peggy and I got

up to sing: 🎼 🎵 🎶

“Leaving on a Jet Plane”

not many…

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