Winter Blues and Some Self-Care

Live In The Nautical

“Time is only an idea. There is only the Reality. Whatever you think it is, it looks like that. If you call it time, it is time. If you call it existence, it is existence, and so on. After calling it time, you divide it into days and nights, months, years, hours, minutes, etc. Time is immaterial for the Path of Knowledge.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Adios January

I am pretty sure we can all happily say peace out January, do not let the calendar hit you in the posterior. Maybe it was just me, though I know a lot of my blogging friends felt the same way, but January was not butterflies and sunshine. It was disgusting dirty snow and arctic temps that should be illegal.

While people were getting excited about changing themselves those first few days, it was all I could, to pull myself out of my warm…

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